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The Truths About Proprietary Systems for Title Companies

When explaining BuyerDocs to title companies, I often hear “we already have a secured proprietary system” for sharing wire information with home buyers and lenders. However, most people are unaware of the dangers of proprietary systems and how they are MORE vulnerable to security holes and thus hackers.

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Press Release

Press Release

With wire fraud stealing millions of dollars from the real estate industry each year, BuyerDocs is here to facilitate the safe and worry-free transfer of documents between title companies and residential and commercial buyers.

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Wire Fraud

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Stop Scammers From Stealing Your Down Payment

A hot new scam targets home buyers: down payment wire fraud. Hackers send bogus emails, telling buyers where to wire the down payment money. The stolen money disappears. The home buyer ends up with an empty bank account and a broken heart.

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RIS Media

The Latest Evolution of Real Estate Wire Fraud

Most articles about real estate fraud have focused on the same scenario: hackers breaking into professionals’ email accounts to learn about upcoming transactions, then emailing the buyer to wire money to the hacker’s account.

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JB Goodwin

How to Prevent Real Estate Wire Transfer Fraud

Imagine that you've just found your dream home. You've agreed on terms and you've signed a purchase contract. You're sent an email with wire transfer instructions, and you send off the money, knowing you're only a few steps away from owning your new home.

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National Association of Realtors

Urgent Alert: Sophisticated Email Scams Targeting the Real Estate Industry

Criminals are hacking into the email accounts of real estate agents or other persons involved in a real estate transaction and using information gained from the hack to dupe a party into a fraudulent wire transfer. The hackers often send an email that appears to be from an individual legitimately involved in the transaction, informing the recipient, often the buyer, that there has been a last minute change to the wiring instructions.

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